CEVA Logistics: From Belgium to the World

CEVA Logistics manages several warehouses in Belgium and provides freight forwarding solutions by air, ocean and road. The company is a world leader in third-party logistics, providing and operating transportation and supply chain solutions for medium and large-sized national and multinational companies across the globe.

CEVA Logistics - Grobbendonk
CEVA Logistics – Grobbendonk

CEVA Logistics is a young company with a rich history. Founded in 2006 with the merger of TNT Logistics and Eagle Global Logistics, CEVA’s origin in Belgium dates back to 1989. It currently employs 1,100 people in the country in its two main business areas: contract logistics and freight management.

CEVA operates four distribution centers in Belgium: Courcelles, Willebroek, La Louvière and Grobbendonk, and manages end-to-end supply chain solutions for well-known global players in healthcare, high tech, and the consumer and retail sectors.

In addition, CEVA provides a broad range of freight management solutions and services, within and beyond the Benelux, such as its strategically located hubs at Brussels Airport and the Port of Antwerp.

Since 2019, CEVA Logistics is owned by the CMA CGM Group, a world leader in shipping and logistics. Being part of the CMA CGM group gives CEVA the unique position of assured air and ocean capacity. At Liege Airport, four CMA CGM owned airplanes are operating under the Belgian flag and are providing time critical solutions.

CEVA Logistics has high ambitions in Belgium. The company is heavily investing in new supply chain technologies, such as warehouse robotization and sustainable solutions, and is actively hiring experts in the field of freight and contract logistics. Ambitious goals for its presence in Belgium are being established, along with its reputation as a forward-looking logistics company, deserving its top noted position in the Belgian supply chain industry.

Belgium is a strategic location for CEVA Logistics. From the heart of Europe, our 1,100 experienced specialists in Belgium support companies across the continent by seamlessly designing and delivering end-to-end customized solutions to meet the complex and rapidly evolving supply chain needs, whatever the business sector.”

Erik Naus, Head of Contract Logistics, Belgium at CEVA Logistics

Innovations make working more ergonomic, flexible, efficient, clean and environmentally-friendly. CEVA Logistics looks at every aspect of the business to see where it can innovate and bring commercial benefits to its customers – everything from packing machines which automatically fold and fit boxes around an order, to robot and drone systems, for which picking, packing and stock-taking have been tested and subsequently implemented. They strive to continuously optimize and deliver systems and enhancements to improve standards. This includes using state-of-the-art warehouse management systems to make operations more efficient. For CEVA Logistics, innovation means future proofing the company.

CEVA Logistics is committed to operating in a sustainable manner that creates value for its customers, employees, investors, communities and other stakeholders. The commitment to sustainability is visible at every stage of the value chain. Through a series of actions, CEVA Logistics aims to achieve the main objective of maximizing long-term value creation while minimizing waste and costs.

To aim for sustainability is everyone’s job and it is the foundation of good management practice, contributing to the long-term success of the company and better risk-adjusted returns for customers.

CEVA’s sustainability focus areas are closely linked to its business objectives and include the following themes: workplace, marketplace, environment and communities. Ethical business practices are at the center of the approach.

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CEVA Logistics

CEVA Logistics
  • CEVA Logistics was established in Belgium in 1989.
  • It operates facilities in Courcelles, Grobbendonk, La Louvière and Willebroek.
  • www.cevalogistics.com
  • 1,100 employees in Belgium
  • 5,000,000 orders processed per year
cubic meters (CBM) shipped per year

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