Novartis: Belgian leader in clinical trials

Novartis has solid roots and a strong footprint in Belgium with more than 2,000 associates who are strongly committed to reimagining medicine. They tackle some of the toughest diseases and seek solutions for incredibly challenging public health issues facing our society today.

Their story as a healthcare pioneer began more than 100 years ago in 1920 when Ciba was founded. Novartis has three sites in Belgium: a production site in Puurs, a Belgian headquarter in Vilvoorde and an EU relations office in Brussels.

In Belgium, Novartis is the leader in clinical trials, with 150 ongoing trials in 580 centers serving 2,500 patients. Belgium is one of the top ten countries in the world where Novartis conducts the most clinical trials and the second per capita of Europe

We have a strong footprint in Belgium, from research and development to manufacturing, giving Belgian patients early access to innovations. I firmly believe that innovation is a valuable investment for a healthier population and a wealthier country. At Novartis, we are in a unique position to contribute to sustainable healthcare via our generics and biosimilar division, Sandoz. The savings generated from greater generic and biosimilar use in Belgium can be allocated to speeding up access to innovative medicines.

Federico Mambretti, Country President of Novartis in Belgium & Luxembourg

Research and development at Novartis are the heartbeat of the company. Their innovation engine sustains an industry-leading pipeline. Drug development is a team sport that benefits from close collaboration with innovators and research partners outside the company’s walls. Together, they strive to break down barriers in science to accelerate medical discovery. Novartis is committed to continuing their efforts with their leading position in clinical trials to keep the Belgian pharma valley ahead of the game.

Clinical trials

The Novartis production facility in Puurs, in which several hundred million euros have been invested since its opening in 1977, has become a global flagship site for the production of ophthalmic products.

It is the largest manufacturer of viscoelastic materials and eye drops in the world, and 98% of the output is intended for export.

“Patients in more than 155 countries around the world rely on our eye care medicines manufactured in Belgium. Since 2017, we also have a state-of-the art analytical lab and a world-leading filling line for biologics. We continue to invest in this site, bringing some of our most transformative technologies to reimagine medicine in Belgium. Our people are our greatest asset – their diversity, skills, creativity, and commitment are crucial to the way we affect people’s lives. We want to appeal to even more talent in the future which is reflected in our collaboration with ViTalent, to educate technical profiles to get started in the pharma and biotech sector,” concludes Federico Mambretti.

We continue to invest in this site, bringing some of our most transformative technologies to reimagine medicine in Belgium.

Federico Mambretti, Country President of Novartis in Belgium & Luxembourg
Flanders Investment & Trade: Novartis – Global healthcare company

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  • Novartis operates facilities in Puurs, Vilvoorde and Brussels.
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