Skechers: outfitting Europe from Belgium

For Skechers, Belgium is a major international hub for distribution and logistics. Operating the largest distribution center in Wallonia, Skechers is continually growing and investing in Belgium. As a multi-billion-dollar, award-winning global American brand, Skechers designs and develops lifestyle and performance products known for style, innovation, quality and comfort. Along with their diverse footwear offering, the company has a growing range of apparel and accessories for men, women and kids.

Skechers European Distribution Centre (EDC) in Liège

Skechers opened its European Distribution Centre (EDC) in Liège in 2002. The choice for Belgium was based on its excellent location at the heart of Europe, with highly developed road, rail and waterway infrastructure, ensuring quick and easy transport. As Sophie Houtmeyers, Vice-President Distribution Operations, explains, “Wallonia is a center of excellence for the logistics industry, and for our customers, this makes a positive difference.” Belgium has a high availability of skilled workers. This helps to ensure a flawless distribution throughout Europe for the organization.

Wallonia is a center of excellence for the logistics industry, and for our customers, this makes a positive difference.

Sophie Houtmeyers, Vice-President Distribution Operations

Initially, a building of 25,000 m² was built for the European Distribution Centre. In 2009, Skechers added a building that boosted the size of its EDC to 45,000 m². In recent years, the turnover of the company has exploded, with sales in Europe increasing steeply since 2014. These developments led to a more than doubling of surface of the distribution center by mid-2019. With 128,000 m² today, Skechers EDC is the largest in Wallonia. In 2018, sales grew by 20%, which is exceptional in the current economic environment. “No other footwear company is growing like us,” says Sophie Houtmeyers, Vice-President Distribution Operations.

Inside the Skechers European Distribution Centre (EDC) in Liège

Along with the expansions in m², Skechers installed automation technology. The sorting process was automated in 2014 and an automated buffer was installed in 2018. In the current year, Skechers has doubled the automated sorter along with extending the automated buffer. The continued growth in the European market and installment of automation technologies in the EDC resulted in increased efficiency.

Distributing Skechers shoes throughout Europe in a powerful and sustainable way is the main goal. Skechers EDC is the very proud winner of the award “Walloon Gazelle Transport Logistics for Large Companies,” for the fastest growing companies in Wallonia, and the award for achieving Lean and Green’s target of reducing their CO2 emissions by 20%.

Skechers European Distribution Centre (EDC) in Liège

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  • Skechers was established in Belgium in 2002.
  • Their European Distribution Center (EDC) is in Liège.
  • Investment in automation for growing European hub
  • Largest distribution center in Wallonia with 128,000 m²
0,000 m²
size of the skechers site in Liège

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